College Classes

Brian teaches the Alexander Technique at the University of Minnesota School of Music and at McNally Smith College of Music.  These are introductory classes for people new to the Alexander Technique, and also good forimages experienced students who will enjoy learning Alexander principles in a group setting.  
Emphasis is placed on giving students the hands-on guidance they need for easy, skillful “use of the self” for optimal performance and reduction of musculoskeletal discomforts.

The college classes offer a combination of:

  • individual, hands-on Alexander work
  • unique ways to work on your own
  • application of the AT to music practice    
  • illustrative videos 
  • stimulating class discussion
  • fascinating articles, lectures, and books                     

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Alexander Technique in the College Curriculum (document)

University student comments after just one class!

Student’s stated reasons for taking the Alexander University Technique Class

Video / Photos