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Receiving an Alexander Technique Lesson is a delightful experience! There is an indescribable sense of lightness, ease of movement, clarity of thinking, and ways of viewing the world. Benefits include:
• Pain prevention and relief,
• Optimal skill at activities,
• Exquisite sense of well-being
Find out what habit patterns are preventing you from being your best!
Everyone is welcome. The Alexander Technique is beneficial for a wide range of people and situations. Extra info for musicians can be found here.


Your Alexander Technique teacher is fully vaccinated.
On-Line Lessons are also available.

Tuition rates are kept lower than many major cities.  At your first session, I can give you an opinion of how many lessons are needed.

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An Alexander lesson involves the use of the teacher's hands guiding you in simple movements, such chairMSCMVersion2as getting in and out of a chair.  As the mental approach is changed, movement becomes lighter and easier; and all skills and activities benefit.

The lesson lasts about 40-minutes and involves F.M Alexander's procedures of "chair work" and "table work". Brian also adds the distinctive Dart Procedures (i.e., human evolutionary patterns of action), and "application work" whereby R9aan Alexander student can apply Alexander principles to activities ranging from the everyday/mundane to the professional to the avocational. A student's "homework" is to apply the Alexander Technique to all activities of life. Jointly with the Alexander teacher, you decide how many weekly lessons to undertake.
Free Advice
Complimentary phone or email consultations will help determine whether Alexander Technique lessons would be beneficial in individual cases. Call Brian at
(612) 267-5154 or email Brian@MinnCAT.org
First-Time Inquiries
Feel free to have a 20-minute initial consultation in person or by phone
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> SUMMER Music Workshops


MUSICIANS ! Register for this SUMMER week-long Intensive at the University of Minnesota — Mornings & early afternoons.

Receive hands-on guidance, learn principles, interesting discussion, video, lectures, etc.  

All workshop info HERE

Pre-Register for SUMMER 2023 HERE.

> Teacher Certification

Becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique can be a source of life-long joy, continual inspiration, and source of income helping others. See more info on the Teacher Certification Course.

> College Classes

Learn more about classes at the University of Minnesota School of Music here.

> Lecture / Demonstrations

Bring a Lecture / Demonstration to your organization, school, workshop or conference. Please contact us at info@MinnCAT.org

A 60-90 minute lecture is an excellent way to get started. Also inquire about the possibilities for more in depth session or workshops lasting anywhere from  2-4 hours to 1-2 days.




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